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Bassetlaw Approves Tickhill Rd Development

At last night's meeting of the Bassetlaw District Council Planning Committee at Retford Town Hall, the Council decided to approve planning permission for the development of 650 new houses on the land South of Tickhill Road. This was despite overwhelming objections being placed by local residents, the town council and the Community Association.

Residents may remember from last year that the Community Association led the first charge against the development and were successful. Residents raised their objections based on the problems that would arise; such as extra stress on our local schools, more traffic and not to even mention the smell that is generated from the sewerage works which will be but a stones throw away from the new houses.

The council claimed that the extra traffic on all the congested roads to Tickhill and Bawtry were no longer a problem [Due to Doncaster no longer putting in an objection], the smell from the sewerage works apparently is no longer a problem!! Flooding is also not a problem!!! Not a problem that there isn't enough places to put children in local schools!!!!

It was very demeaning for residents in attendance at the meeting to be told that 'you cannot expect everything to be perfect' given that development will have a long-lasting detrimental impact to our local community.

I am very disappointed by the actions of the planning committee tonight, as they have disregarded the legitmate concerns of local residents regarding this development.

Sonia Armstrong

Unfortunately due to the one sided planning laws which creates a flawed playing field to the advantage developers there is no right of appeal for residents. I would like to apologize to all the residents that attended all our meetings and took part in all the petitions that we conducted as well as the efforts of other residents that helped stand up for our community and try to put it first.

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